So I recently just watched a movie called The Duff, which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Yes that’s a horrible thing to call someone and yes the movie was great. I liked this movie because it was the most simple and cliche movie I have seen in a long time -keep in mind I watch a lot of movies.

I don’t want to give a lot of spoilers but basically whatever you think will happen does happen, like i said that basic chick flick movie. The ‘DUFF’ is this really edgy and hilarious girl that realized she was the uglier one from the group(which I don’t agree with since she looked beautiful)and goes on this journey to get un-DUFFed. The process is hilarious, fun, romantic, and suprisingly emotional. SPOILER: Something I loved most about this movie is that the DUFF’s friends were not how you would expect. They were nice and loving friends, not backstabbing and horrible, cough cough Regina George.

The love interest in the movie is an incredible  actor and is very honest, not in a good way. His character evolves to a better person, and I just love that. I won’t say anymore about the chemistry of the two characters ,because that is my favorite part!

And finally the lesson, not gonna say a lot about that because the movie speaks for it self. But in all the movie depicts the meaning of labels on people, and the meaning is nothing. There is no such things as labels, labels are something people make to make themselves feel/look better.


If you watch or will watch let me know in the comments below!




Hey Guys,

Yup that time of year is almost done…WHERE WE ALL GET SICK, awesome. Thankfully I haven’t gotten sick yet, and hopefully wont. But recently I felt that pre-sickness phase, where you randomly feel tired, your nose doesn’t stop running and you basically feel horrible. I came back from school and just laid on the couch hoping I wouldn’t get sick because I’m a high schooler who always has something to do and can’t miss out on any classes .(Was I rambling…Whoops just a little stressed…) Anyhow, I suddenly felt really hungry so I got up from the couch-yeah me for doing something- and I found this thing called Emergen-C. It is powder, I have the orange flavored ones but I have heard the tangerine one is better, and you’re supposed to  mix it in with water(4-6 oz.). But i just got a whole cup of hot water and mixed the powder in. At first it tasted horrible but now after having it a couple of times I’ve grown to like the taste . After a second glass of emergency I had more energy and also just generally felt much better.

i take no credit for this picture

Emergen-C is just a whole bunch of vitamin C, hence the name, that helps with getting your immune system strong. Honestly that’s the only thing I know ‘scientifically’ about it, other than IT WORKS! I say go give it a try, if you click the picture above you can buy it off of Emergen-C’s website, and comment down below what you think.

talk soon,





YouTube- A video sharing world.

This world of YouTube has completely changed, for YouTube now includes comedy , beauty, motivational, food, do-it-yourself, and plain ‘ol creepy videos. I personally watch the vloger/comedy/beauty YouTubers of the YouTube world.

Youtubers are gaining great success and getting to travel the world (not going to lie, wish I were a YouTuber) and have an incredible fan-base. Honestly, I am a huge huge huge fan of many YouTubers, but for the purposes of this article I will just narrow my most watched YouTubers to my top five. So if you want to be entertained or just need a break watch these YouTubers. And if you do enjoy these YouTubers, go and suscribe to them cause they are just a video version or us bloggers and (if you can) comment on their video my link ( ) so maybe they’ll get to see this! Most likely they wont, but if they do and they are reading this right now then um, Hi you make me smile everyday!



i take no credit for this picture

Ellen can pull off anything she wears


I mean come on who does not like a little bit of Ellen? Ellen is quite honestly the sweetest person in the industry that I have seen on screen. Her channel includes her whimsical segments, hilarious skits, and my favorite the interviews. The one on one conversation between her and famous celebrities are always entertaining weather it be Kim Kardashian or Benedict Cumberbatch.  She is  an incredible talk show host, an unbelievable Oscar host (can we just take a moment for that?),  an astounding writer (not gonna lie read every single one of her books multiple times…), a CoverGirl, and most important and beautiful person inside and out!



i take no credit for this picture

Seth’s smile is absolute perfection


Seth Meyers is  new to the talk show industry, but he has been on screen multiple times. I had heard of him through SNL and his brother Josh Meyers, amazing actor by the way. Also Seth and Josh look extremely alike, it is kinda great. Seth Meyers channel includes interesting skits and funny material. In all, a fun watch


i take no credit for this picture

Tanya’s makeup is pure flawless


Tanya Burr is  a blogger, and a YouTuber. Both of her medias are based off of beauty. She is a professional make up artist. She also has a successful lip gloss, nail polish, and fake eyelashes line. From sources I can confirm her products are incredible and not a waste for the buck. She is now on her way to release her very first book. With all that success she has a very sweet and modest personality. Along with her beauty content, she does participate in fun challenges. Those are always fun to watch because of her wanting to win.


i take no credit for this picture

Lauren’s comedy side


Lauren Elizabeth started her YouTube career with beauty, since last year she has been changing her content from beauty to comedy and skits. She still does have that beauty component to her channel by posting videos along those lines every other Monday. Her personality is really fun and down to earth. She to had started with a blog and then grew into YouTube. Her videos are very fun to watch either it be a beauty or comedy video, because she doesn’t fail to include her comedy and sarcasm into her content.


i take no credit for this picture

vintage Andrew


ANDREW LOWE IS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER OF ALL TIME. He is so pure and raw, I cannot get enough of him. Even though he only posts on Saturdays, i still check his channel everyday to see if he posts (just in case).  And the most disappointing part is he is so under estimated. He has such great and new content, and people do not give him enough credit. His personality is filled with so much sarcasm, like one of my best friends which is why I think I like him very much! There are not words that can equal how amazing he is so his, and plus I do not want to fan-girl too much.


Hope this list of YouTubers helped you with your boredom, and hope you can comment my link ( ) to some of their videos! I also want to say in no shape or form am I forcing you to do anything or watch anything, this is all pure opinion. In Addition hope you can take this quick poll!

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