So I recently just watched a movie called The Duff, which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Yes that’s a horrible thing to call someone and yes the movie was great. I liked this movie because it was the most simple and cliche movie I have seen in a long time -keep in mind I watch a lot of movies.

I don’t want to give a lot of spoilers but basically whatever you think will happen does happen, like i said that basic chick flick movie. The ‘DUFF’ is this really edgy and hilarious girl that realized she was the uglier one from the group(which I don’t agree with since she looked beautiful)and goes on this journey to get un-DUFFed. The process is hilarious, fun, romantic, and suprisingly emotional. SPOILER: Something I loved most about this movie is that the DUFF’s friends were not how you would expect. They were nice and loving friends, not backstabbing and horrible, cough cough Regina George.

The love interest in the movie is an incredible  actor and is very honest, not in a good way. His character evolves to a better person, and I just love that. I won’t say anymore about the chemistry of the two characters ,because that is my favorite part!

And finally the lesson, not gonna say a lot about that because the movie speaks for it self. But in all the movie depicts the meaning of labels on people, and the meaning is nothing. There is no such things as labels, labels are something people make to make themselves feel/look better.


If you watch or will watch let me know in the comments below!



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