Hey Guys,

Yup that time of year is almost done…WHERE WE ALL GET SICK, awesome. Thankfully I haven’t gotten sick yet, and hopefully wont. But recently I felt that pre-sickness phase, where you randomly feel tired, your nose doesn’t stop running and you basically feel horrible. I came back from school and just laid on the couch hoping I wouldn’t get sick because I’m a high schooler who always has something to do and can’t miss out on any classes .(Was I rambling…Whoops just a little stressed…) Anyhow, I suddenly felt really hungry so I got up from the couch-yeah me for doing something- and I found this thing called Emergen-C. It is powder, I have the orange flavored ones but I have heard the tangerine one is better, and you’re supposed to  mix it in with water(4-6 oz.). But i just got a whole cup of hot water and mixed the powder in. At first it tasted horrible but now after having it a couple of times I’ve grown to like the taste . After a second glass of emergency I had more energy and also just generally felt much better.

i take no credit for this picture

Emergen-C is just a whole bunch of vitamin C, hence the name, that helps with getting your immune system strong. Honestly that’s the only thing I know ‘scientifically’ about it, other than IT WORKS! I say go give it a try, if you click the picture above you can buy it off of Emergen-C’s website, and comment down below what you think.

talk soon,





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