Hey Guys!

So I’m going to be honest, this whole blogging thing is much  harder than I thought. Obviously I didn’t think becoming a blogger would happen in a couple of days and writing good material will be a piece of cake, I did realize it was hard but my problem is different. Writing is hard for me, like I told you guys before (I like how I say guys even though probably one person is reading this, and to you who’s reading this shout-out to ya), it is a challenge that I want to win.

I am disappointed in  myself, because I am not posting as much as I want. And that is because of school. School this semester is becoming really stressful for me, and it is my sophomore year with my first AP class. Some of my teachers are lacking in their teaching standards which is making me not feel confident in my school studies.

The point of the paragraph before is to show my reasoning for not posting enough. So my goal for February is to post the minimum of 5 posts. I do realize that it is not enough but I need a number to push me.

I hope you guys (I laugh again) get to read me at least one more time this month!



3 thoughts on “LETS BE HONEST…

  1. E.A. says:

    You’re blog is wonderful! I’m coming from what sounds like the same place you are. This is my first timing running a blog and I’m just now getting the hang of it. KEEP WRITTING YOU’RE DOING GREAT.

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